Intelligent traffic system

The government of Kuwait is gearing up for an intelligent traffic strategy that will help solve all the traffic blockings in the nation. At the peak of the road safety process and traffic management, the artificial intelligence driven Peek traffic system is the best traffic technology available today. The enabling of signal control and timing, traffic closed-circuit television, motorway surveillance, the data collection and retrieval will help the Ministry of the Interior bring a revolution in the road traffic department operations. The optimisation of the green timing at the signals in various intersections is based on vehicle presence, vehicle count and flow-through data collected. This will keep traffic congestions at bay. It also helps in the reduction of vehicular emissions. The vehicle detector equipment supports in vehicle connection and data sharing. The state-of-art traffic management will cater to the most advanced traffic governance of the country.

An Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) involves a much closer interaction between all of its components: drivers, pedestrians, public transportation and traffic management systems. Adaptive signal systems, driver advisory and route planning and automated vehicles are some of the goals set up to increase the efficiency of actual systems.

We are developing a decentralized architecture for city traffic control where intersections are port-based agents. A self-adaptive system would be able to respond quickly to the changes in the road conditions, modifying signal policies and rerouting drivers to prevent congestions.